Castle Pong was created by Anthony Spirito using the Unity3D game engine as part of the Game Design program at Full Sail University. The purpose of the assignment was to take the skills we learned from making a Pong clone and create a unique remix of the classic arcade game.

Esc: Pause

Player 1:
A/D: move
W: fire
Player 2:
Left/Right arrows: move
Up arrow: fire

Song 1: CH-AY-NA by Spring
Song 2: Funny Chase by wyver9
Crossbow and Shield models: Low Poly Weapons by SICS Games
TextMeshPro by Unity Technologies


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Well, it's a very nice looking Pong. Actually it has a difference in that you shoot arrows, so it's actually a lot different, especially with the split screen view. The music is nice, although it doesn't necessarily fit the game's setting. A price to pay for being a good looking Unity game is that performance when played on browser is not the best.

I'd like to invite your game to our Game Development World Championship!

Yeah, the title is Castle Pong because I'm not a great namer and the goal of the assignment this was created in was to take the skills we learned from making a Pong clone and create something original. I'll add that to the description. Finding good music for an arcade-y medieval game proved to be pretty difficult. All of the royalty free medieval music I found was either very ominous or too fantastical/whimsical, so I opted for some more classic arcade music instead. In regards to the performance, I personally only experience a frame-rate drop immediately following the gameplay scene being loaded in. I think a main contributor to the sub-par performance is that there are two cameras running simultaneously. Thank you very much for the feedback! I'll make sure to check out the GDWC.

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I guess convincing medieval (or any historic era) music is always a bit challenging to get right, since no recordings exist and such. When playing in browser, I think the limiting aspect is memory - if your computer has limited resources already, the browser is allowed to use only a slice of those. So, if there's more memory, I guess the game should run better too. Thanks for checking out the contest!